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Welcome to Random City Generator!

The randomgenerate.io brings you numerous randomizer tools. If at any point you fancy going to a place that is chosen spontaneously without the influence of your cognizance, a random city generator will be at the best of your service.

This tool is a random location generator that includes cities of different categories, e.g. famous cities, historical cities, small towns, industrial towns, etc. It can inspire your creative travelling ideas, urge for discovering unseen places, and wanderlust.

How does a random place picker work?

The random place picker tool uses a huge database of various cities all over the world. The database also includes some additional details about those cities. We programmed an algorithm to randomize your result.

Following are the details we present about a city on this page.

  • City Name
  • Country Name
  • 3 well known places in the City

How to use the Random City Generator?

Randomgenerate.io uses one of the most user-friendly interfaces for random tools. Here is how you can choose a random place in the world using this tool-

  • First of all, enter the website of randomgenerate.io and you will find a menu of numerous randomisers.
  • From there on, look for the Random City Generator tab and tap on it.
  • Now, Click on the ‘Generate City' button.

Finally, you will see a random place in the world generated. Furthermore, you can notice 3 of the most famous places in that particular region, for instance, in the case of Paris you may notice the Eiffel Tower.

You can also copy the information and share it with your friends and family.

Types of Cities Generated Randomly

The random place generator can generate cities, as mentioned above, of different types. In this section, let us explore some major types of cities one at a time.

  1. Global City: A city that influences the global economy to a great extent is known as a global city. Ex- New York, Mumbai
  2. Planned City: This is a city that has been established in a grid pattern. Settlements intersect each other at right angles. North American cities are planned cities.
  3. Smart City: A city that is technologically so smart is called a smart city. Indore in India is a smart city.
  4. Industrial City: A city with industry as the main driving engine is called an industrial city. Ex- Detroit
  5. Capital City: A city which is the administrative focal point of a country is called a capital city. Ex- Beijing
  6. Ghost City: When the demographic dividend of a city is declining, it is called a ghost city. Ex- Tokyo
  7. Historical City: A city with huge historical significance is called a historical city. Ex- Hyderabad, Rome, etc.
  8. Edge City: A city that developed in the suburban area of a big city is called an edge city. Sometimes it is referred to as a satellite city. Ex- Navi Mumbai near Mumbai.
  9. Cultural City: A city where culture flows from different ethnicities is called a cultural city. Ex- Paris
  10. Metropolis: A city with a population of more than 1 million is called a metropolis. Ex- Melbourne
  11. Megacity- A city with a core population of over 10 million is deemed to be called a mega city. Ex- London.
  12. Tourist City: A city which is mainly a destination for travellers. Ex- Las Vegas, Columbo, Mecca, etc.
  13. Multicultural City: A city where people of various ethnicities, and religions, reside together is called a multicultural city. Ex- Kolkata

The benefit of using a Random City Generator

The random location generator can be useful in so many ways other than just whiling away time. Some Benefits of using this random tool are listed below-

  1. Finding Travel Inspiration- Sometimes, we feel perplexed while choosing our next travel destination. Under such circumstances, you can render the responsibilities on the shoulder of the random city generator.
  2. Learn New Cultures- You can learn new cultural aspects of a place by having thorough research on it. But, deciding the topic can be a challenging task. Here you can choose the topic using a random place picker.
  3. Expanding Geography Knowledge- This tool provides names of 3 notable places in the city which it generates. This info can consolidate your idea about world geography to a great extent.

Pick a Random Place in the World - FAQs:

How can I generate a random city?

Just head to the ‘randomgenerate.io’ website and tap on ‘random city generator’. Then, the generate icon will lead you to the result.

Can I see detailed info about the generated city?

No, unfortunately, you can not retrieve a detailed study of the city. However, you can see three of the famous places situated in the city.

Is it safe to use the random city generator?

Yes, because in the due process, it will not ask for any of your personal information. Moreover, we respect the privacy policy and standardized law.

Does the city include towns from all over the world?

Yes, the database covers cities from all over the planet. Moreover, it includes some significant towns too. So, you will get a wide range of choices to randomize.

Hope, you are enjoying using this tool. Let us know any feedback from your end to inspire us. Happy randomizing!