Random Eye Color Generator

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Random Eye Color Generator

Anthropology teaches us about the variance within the human species. Our gene pool determines our characteristics, behavior, physical appearance, etc. Hence, we can observe different phenotypic characteristics in humans of different places, climates, and ethnicities.

The gene we carry in our DNA determines our skin color, hair type, hair color, height, etc. Another important phenotypic impact of the gene is the color of our eyes. We develop the color of our pupils accordingly. So, we can see various eye-color, for instance, black, blue, brown, grey, etc. in humans. The color of our eyes, like our skin complexion, is beyond our control.

What if we could choose our eye color? Well, physically it is still impossible today. However, we can take the service of AI to digitally pick a color for an eye. This is where a random eye color generator comes to relevance. It generates a randomly chosen color mastered by artificial intelligence.

A lot of people wanted to choose the lens for their preferred eye color. We are here to pick a random eye color and decide whether you like it.

What is a Random eye color Generator & How does it work?

As devised above, an eye color generator generates the color of the eye. It is a randomizer tool that brings the digital aspect to a genetic phenomenon.

It uses AI to produce a result. We have curated the list of eye colors in our database. The tool uses this database and a set of instructions to pick an eye color randomly. This randomness is based on a probabilistic theory. This is how, in layman’s terms, Randomgenerate.io’s eye color generator works.

Advantages of Using a Random Eye Color Generator

The utility of the tool is not merely limited to having fun, although it can be a source of amusement to see the AI at work. However, there are some practicality of this tool, such as

A. Picking Contact Lens

Many of us opt for contact lenses rather than glasses. Sometimes, we get confused to decide which color is going to suit us. Under such circumstances, this tool can be a prototype model to assist you.

B. To Study the variety of eye colors

If we want to study eye colors, this tool can be handy as Randomgenerate.io’s tool comes with different colors with its availability or rarity among humans. So, you can get an idea of how rare a certain eye color is.

C. Presentations

As you can share the generated eye color with someone, it can be useful while embedding the result in your chats, emails, or PPTs. This will help you to get your projects done.

How to use the Random Eye Color Generator?

Using the tool is as easy as serving a cup of tea. Normal persons like you and me can use this tool without any complexity. Here is how to use the tool (step-by-step)-

  • Step 1: First of all, open the home page of the randomgenerate.io website.
  • Step 2: Having done so, you will see a list of numerous automation tools. Now, select ‘Random Eye Color Generator’
  • Step 3: Finally, click on the generate icon. You will be provided with a result along with some facts (for example, the color can be observed in x% of people). You can also share the result or copy the result to use somewhere else.

Pertinent to note, we are also working on an eye color wheel. It is like a wheel of fortune but instead of other things the name of the eye color will be there on the wheel.

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Theory Behind the Eye-color

As mentioned earlier, our eye color is determined by our genes. Here is an elaborative explanation of how our genes regulate the color of our eyes. There is a pigment called Melanin. It plays an instrumental role in determining our skin complexion, eye color, etc.

The color of the eye is directly proportional to the amount of melanin stored in the frontal layer of the Iris, for instance, if the amount is greater, the color will be brown.

As we know, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes. In a certain region on chromosome number 15, there are two genes located i.e. OCA2 and HERC2. These genes determine how we develop our eye color. Here is how-

Every gene produces a protein that regulates our physiological functions. OCA2 produces P-protein which is responsible for the maturation of melanosomes. Melanosomes produce and store melanin. Therefore, the more active is the gene OCA2, the more the production of melanin.

Now, a certain segment of DNA on the HERC2 regulates the activity of OCA2. Several other genes are believed to have an impact on eye-color, e.g. IRF4, ASIP, SLC45A2, TPCN2, TYR, etc. Therefore, you get a brief idea of how our eye-color is determined by the genes we possess.

The phenotypic character of brown iris is dormant while blue iris is recessive. That is why we can see more brown-eyed people than blue-eyed.

Some facts regarding eye-color

A. Heterochromia

If someone’s iris develops two different colors, the phenomenon is called heterochromia. One can be heterochromatic by birth or can develop later.

B. Optical Theory of Color of the Iris

The color depends on the amount of light absorbed by melanin. If it absorbs the lion's share of light, it will look brown or black. On the other hand, if most of the light is reflected it will appear, blue, hazel, or green.

C. Sensitivity to light

The amount of melanin in the Iris regulates the sensitivity to light. The more melanin in the Iris, the more it can endure harsh light. So, blue-eyed people are highly sensitive to light.

Brief Description of different colors generated by the tool

Here are some examples of the eye color that can be chosen by the random eye color generator-

  1. Honey- It is a rare type. Less than 5% of people have this. Honey seems to change color in the presence of light.
  2. Green- It is said that green is the rarest eye color among humans.
  3. Blue- About 8-10% of people are blue-eyed. There is a theory that all blue-eyed people belong to a common ancestor.
  4. Brown- It is the most prevalent eye color among humans. On average, 3 out of 4 people have brown Iris.
  5. Amber- It is also a rare type. The presence of lipochrome (yellow pigment) results in yellow-colored Iris
  6. Red- Due to the very low storage of melanin, the eye appears red as it allows blood vessels to be visible through it.
  7. Gray- It happens due to the high deposition of collagen in the stroma.

Here are the eye colors that we have -

Eye ColorColor CodeCommonness (%)

Random Eye Color Picker - FAQs

  1. How to pick an eye color using the tool?
  2. Open the website and head to the tool and tap on the generate icon. You will get a result.

  3. Is it safe to use the random eye color generator?
  4. Yes, it tracks no personal data and respects the standard privacy guidelines. So, you can safely use the tool. Moreover, it complies with every cyber law. Therefore, the question of legality does not arise.

  5. Can I use this result somewhere else?
  6. Yes, you can copy the result and paste it somewhere else.

  7. Does the generate every eye color?
  8. Yes, almost every commonly observed eye color can be generated by this tool. Moreover, the result comes with an additional fact.

We anticipate that you have enjoyed using this tool. Moreover, the article regarding the impact of genes seemed interesting to you. Please encourage us with our valuable feedback. Happy randomizing!