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Audiobook Speed Calculator | Calculate Audiobook Length

To all those audiobook listeners, are you comprehending the text at the right speed? Guess what? This audiobook speed calculator can help you track your listening hours and accordingly fix your day's timetable. By considering the audiobook's total narrating hours and playback speed, the tool helps calculate the listening time.

The audiobook length calculator helps the listeners decide their preferred audio speed based on the total listening time. The free tool generates accurate time results based on a simple mathematical formula. Learn more about the playback calculator tool below.

What are Audiobooks?

Not all of us are bookish people and want someone to read out loud these bulky texts. The audiobooks are innovations like that only. These audiobooks are audio-recorded playback of the texts or books that one listens to in place of reading them. Similar to a podcast, you can listen to audiobooks on digital platforms, or devices like smartphones, laptops, audio systems, etc.

Even while listening to audiobooks, if you are impatient about some lengthy works, you can use the audiobook time calculator and multiply the speed.

How Does Audiobook Help?

The best part about any audiobook is that it's not only a listening medium. People can both read and listen to any audiobook. Some other reasons to try out audiobooks today are-

  • Good for both mental and physical health.
  • Audiobooks help listeners avoid unnecessary eye pressure from continuous reading.
  • You can be a multitasker with audiobooks.
  • Listening to audiobooks can improve fluency.
  • Works on critical listening skills.
  • And finally, helps save time by adjusting the audio speed and calculating the estimated time.

How Audiobook Speed Calculator Works?

You can determine the listening time of your audiobook by calculating it with this tool. Here's how simple the audiobook length calculating tool is to calculate-

  • Step 1. Open the Audiobook Speed Calculator page.
  • Step 2. You have to enter the specifics like; Audiobook total duration Hours, Minutes, and Playback Speed.
  • Step 3. Below your estimated listening time will be visible.


  • You can also add the total audio duration in minutes only. For example, 120 minutes in place of 2 Hours.
  • The normal playback time is 1x ( You can enter any figure between 1-10)
  • The speed time can also be in decimal points like 1.25x, 1.5x, etc.

Audiobook Time Calculator Formula

The tool uses a simple formula to estimate your listening time based on the selected speed. Check the playback speed calculator formula below-

  • Listening Time = Total Duration / Playback Speed.

For instance,

Listening Time= [(Hours* 3600) + (minutes*60)/ playback speed]

That is, [(4*3600)+ (30*60)/ 1.5]

Listening Time = 10,800 seconds.

The audio calculating tool shows time results in Hours followed by minutes and seconds format. So, when converted to hours, it is 3 hours of listening time.

Where to Listen to Audiobooks?

Those who are newer to the concept of audiobooks should get started because it will soon become your hobby. Nowadays there are many free audiobook listening platforms. Some apps charge only a reasonable amount for listening to your favorite books.

These popular online platforms include Google Play Books, Amazon Audible, Apple Books, etc. Keep on reading! But don't forget to estimate the listening time speed using this tool.

Benefits of AudioBook Length Calculator

Something as random as this audiobook speed-calculating tool can help you in the long run. Here's how-

  • Keeping track of the total listening hours.
  • Planning the entire day's routine based on the playback speed and calculated audio hours for a book.
  • Staying focused on the allocated listening time.
  • Calculating the listening time by modifying the audio speed can save grace time.
  • It's a free calculator, simple to use.
  • The users don't have any upper limit as such. Use the tool without any restrictions in a day.
  • Overall, keep a healthy engaging book listening habit.

AudioBook Vs Podcast

Both audiobooks and podcasts are widely chosen platforms by today's generation. While audiobooks are audible versions of regular books, podcasts are more concise and conversational. For podcasts, there are a specific number of episodes run by one or more guests. Audiobooks are read-aloud versions of audio records of written books. Most audiobooks belong to fantasy, science, business, literature, or any other genres.

Audio Playback Speed Calculator: Examples

Duration in HoursMinutesAudio SpeedListening Time
4301.5x3 Hours 0 Minutes
5351x5 Hours 35 Minutes
24122x12 Hours 6 Minutes
2103x0 Hours 43 Minutes
6102x3 Hours 5 Mins
811.5x5 Hours 21 Minutes
10205x2 Hours 4 Minutes
13256x2 Hours 14 Minutes
8153.5x2 Hours 21 Minutes
952.5x3 Hours 38 Minutes
11457x1 Hour 41 Minutes
5453x1 Hour 55 Minutes
4121.25x3 Hours 22 Minutes
9131.5x6 Hours 9 Minutes


The audiobook speed calculator is a free time tracking tool for all those who want to know how much they listened to in a day. It helps them plan their entire day's schedule and accordingly, plan hours to dedicate to these audiobooks. Other than typical audiobooks, you can also rely on the inclusive tool for estimating listening times for other audio files, podcasts, etc. So, stop getting zoned out and start listening from now on!