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Discover authentic Dwarf names for fantasy adventures. Male, female, and dwarvish last names available. Dive into the dwarven world now!

Get the fascinating name with the Dwarf Name Generator.

Do you need an enticing name for your next fictional creation? Then, delve into the world of dwarf generators and get the most appealing terms in just a few seconds. You know that the world of fiction is so vast that there is no limit to innovative ideas.

So, if you want to find the names for your dwarf character, then head to the generator. The tool has an array of titles that will surely suffice your requirements.

In the generator, you can look for the males and females or generate the names randomly. You can get up to ten names along with the meaning in one hit.

Know about the mysterious dwarf.

You may have heard about a lot of folk fares. The dwarf existed in a fictional world with almost the same appearance. They are generally small and stout. The unique feature of dwarfs is that they have the extraordinary capabilities of mining and smithing.

If you have heard the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you may be better aware of their mysterious behavior. Don't they all look the same? Above all, they are not friendly, and they may harm others if they have the instincts that you have bad intentions toward them.

As they are so small, they live in mines and caves. Both males and females have unique characteristics, and the last name has a special significance.

Steps to use the Dwarven Name Generator

Finding the names for your next creativity is so easy. All you need is to follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1 - Open the Dwarf Name Generator page.
  • Step 2 - There are two search criteria. In the first box, enter the number of names you want to get.
  • Step 3 - Select the gender in the following box. You can choose from male, female, and random.
  • Step 4 - Finally, click on the generate tab. You will get the result.

The results are excellent. One of the best advantages is getting the names and meanings. So, if you are interested in dwarfs, find the unique characters.

Types of Dwarf Names

The generator is abundant with three categories - Random, Male, and Female. So, find the suitable names as per your requirements.


Under this category, you will get a mix of male and female names. Check out these examples.

  • Ebok Ironshod: A male dwarf with dark brown hair.
  • Freydis Steelheart: A female dwarf with a heart of steel.
  • Kelda Strongbrew: A male dwarf who can make the finest ale in different lands.
  • Nia Nightshade: A dwarf expert in poisons.

Male Dwarvish names

Do you know the unique qualities of males? They are very protective of their families. Find out some of the male dwarf names.

  • Kragg Ironjaw - They can bite through iron.
  • Thorgrim Ironbeard - Their beard is like metal.
  • Gorin Greybread - Wise dwarf respected by all.
  • Grondi Sunder - A hunter.

Female Names

The female dwarfs are independent! They believe in having the earning potential by running their businesses. Example:

  • Lora Longbeard - A female dwarf with a long and braided beard.
  • Bathilda Stone Tongue - A dwarf who masters many languages.
  • Bree Brighteyes - Having keen eyes for minute details.
  • Lio Goldfeather - The dwarf who can communicate with birds.

What is the purpose of the Dwarf Name Generator?

Fictional stories

Expand your creative horizon? But how? Think you are writing a story where the character has the power to communicate with animals, but how would you find a suitable name for this character?

It would help if you brainstormed ideas. Apart from getting help from friends and family, why not use the generator and create your character name by customizing names to get a unique name?

Role Playing

Role-playing is an exciting part of school activities. Kids of different age groups enjoy it, especially when the storyline is frictional and exciting. You can give the enticing touch by taking the character from the dwarf world, and Students will surely enjoy it.


The tool is the best way to find the ideas if you are making movies for kids. In movies, plotting and storyline have a particular purpose. The most important is to find the name that matches the role characteristics and their relevance with context to the story.

So, why take stress when you can use the generator and find the fitting name for the character?


The list of uses has no end. You can also find the unique names for the cartoon or the games. The tool is the best way to entice users and increase the number of users.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the Dwarven Name Generator?

    You may have heard different stories about Dwarfs and unique places in the fictional world. But you may need to be made aware of every character. So, use the generator and learn about the fascinating world of dwarfs.

  2. How many Dwarf names are there?

    The list in the generator is endless. The database covers almost every dwarf excited in the fictional stories. So, no worries, and use the generator to get the suitable one.

  3. How to use the generator?

    Open the page - Dwarf Name Generator. Enter the number of names you want to get in the first box. In the second box, select the gender and hit the generate tab. You will find the name.

  4. Is the tool free to use?

    Yes, the tool is free, and you do not need to pay anything. Moreover, you can use it unlimited times. There is no restriction on usage.


You will be amazed to see how creative the fantasy world is. You can use the generator to discover the different dwarfs and their special abilities. It is the best source to find the name for your creativity, like writing books, movies, or games.