Egyptian Name Generator: 🐪 Discover Pharaoh Names!

Discover the ancient allure of Egyptian names! Our Egyptian Name Generator crafts unique pharaoh, mummy, and last names, infusing your projects with the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture!

Egyptian Name Generator

We all hear legendary Egyptian mytho stories related to gods, goddesses, and cult figures. Most of the Egyptian fantasy names are after the mythic figures and take inspiration from nature.

The Egyptian name generator takes into account the ancient Egyptian civilization and based on that generates unique and cool Egyptian names. The users of the tool can have selective boys' and girls' fantasy names.

What's intriguing about the name-generating Egyptian tool is that the users will also know the origin and meaning behind every name. So, without delay, let's explore more and more about the mummies, Egyptian Pharaoh, and other inspired names.

What's Unique About Ancient Egyptian Names?

Like most other ancient civilizations, Egyptian cultures also have a strong belief in names. There are many short stories about the power of names in Egyptian civilization. One such story is about the Egyptian God Ptah who could create anything he desires by simply giving a name.

From this, the ancient Egyptian people have faith that one gets the power over god if they knew their name. So, many people like to address themselves after the mighty Pharaoh's name, after mummies, cults, and knights.

Other than that, Egyptian names are also important for individuals in identity-building, particularly if you are a resident. So, many Egyptians prefer to have two or three names in the process. The ancient Egyptian name generator will help you with suggestions the next time you are naming your kids, family members, or acquaintances.

How to use Ancient Egyptian Name Generator?

Every randomizer tool has its unique features and similarly has simple but customized steps to follow. Here's how to use the random Egyptian first and last name generator -

  • Step 1. Head on to the Egyptian Name Generator page.
  • Step 2. You have to input the number of Egyptian names you wish to generate. (Pick any number between 1-10).
  • Step 3. From the drop-down menu, select the gender. If not sure you can continue with the random option.
  • Step 4. Tap on the Generate Egyptian Name tab.

You will have a list of generated Egyptian fantasy names with their meaning below. You can take note of them for future reference. In case you want more names then keep on hitting the Generate tab and explore more about the ancient Egyptian civilization through different God, Goddess, and mummy names.

Egyptian Name Generator: Examples

Now that you know how the Egyptian name generator works, it would be easier for you with some ancient Egyptian first and last name examples. The tool will produce similar name examples.

Egyptian Names with Meaning for Girls

Egyptian Fantasy NamesMeaning
TanithThe name exists after the supreme Goddesses of Carthage.
SarahThe name is common among Egyptian natives. It means someone belonging to a novel class or princess.
ZosarIt's among the Pharoah names. It means mighty and brave.
NefretIf someone looks pretty and elegant, stunning, then the name suits her.
ChioneThe name is derived from a mythological origin. Chione is the daughter of Nile.
EdriceThe name Edrice is given to someone to acclaim that she has leadership qualities. It means an affluent ruler.
CliupatraA variant named after the evergreen queen Cleopatra. It means someone bringing the loss of glory to her descendants.
ShaniThe Egyptian name Shani refers to an incredible woman.
RehemaSomeone who has a kind and compassionate heart.
EboniEbony in simple English means black. It signifies the power and strength of darkness.

Egyptian Names with Meaning for Boys

Egyptian Fantasy NamesMeaning
AbraxAncient Egyptian mythology has a reference to Abrax. He is the great archon of mythology.
MoesheThere are many meanings to the unique name Moeshe. Primarily it means a variant of Moses; drawn out of water.
MaatThe name is after the mythical goddess of law and order. It also means someone truthful and abided by laws.
NephiIt means a faithful good son, also the founder of the Nephi people.
MokeSomeone who is incredibly fine, or a person who is sweetened with honey.
AtenThe name is popular among natives. It means the sun's disk or the heat and light of the sun.
HagerThe name Hager is a variant of the biblical name Hagar, also referred to a stranger.
JabariThe male name Javari means a brave-hearted person.
FemiHe is a lover boy with a soft heart.
AhmedSomeone who is widely praised and worth remembering.

Uses of Egyptian Name Generator

As of now, it is clear that the random Egyptian name generator is a useful tool for those who like to dig into ancient civilizations for unique stories. Honestly, each Egyptian name has a story behind it, so the tool is a real deal. Here are some uses of the Egyptian name generator-

For Naming Ceremonies

Those who faithfully follow the ancient legends and mythos would know the power of every name the Egyptians believe in. So, for your special ones, like your child or family member, you can use the tool for presenting unique name ideas. For naming ceremonies, it would be a great tool as it presents both girl's and boys' names and even unisex names.

For Fiction Projects

If you are someone who likes to write a lot, particularly fantasy or mythic stories, you can freely use the ancient Egyptian name generator. For your novel, movie script, or game plot characters the tool will suggest appropriate names describing their traits. It would save you time as well as conveniently help you in framing the story.

For Inquisitive Minds

Many by heart follow the legends of ancient Egypt. For them, it helps to better know Egyptian civilization. Each name the tool presents also shares related meanings and the origin of the name. So, it is a great medium to explore their culture and learn more about mighty Pharaohs, mummies, and God and Goddesses like Amun, Zosar, Cleopatra, etc.

So, it's never too late to start knowing about a rich civilization like the Egyptians. The tool every time comes up with mythos-based and legendary names and ignites more curiosity among the users.


  1. Can I know the origin of the generated Egyptian names?

    The tool not only presents a list of Egyptian names at a time but also shares the meaning, origin, or related info with the users. Have a look at the above examples for better understanding.

  2. Does the Egyptian Name Generator present both male and female names?

    While using the tool, the user will be given the option to select the gender (boys, girls, random) from the drop-down menu. Accordingly, the users will have male, female, or unisex Egyptian names.

  3. How does the Egyptian Name Generator work?

    The Ancient Egyptian Name Generator presents results to the users based on the random algorithm. The tool has a vast database and time shows Egyptian fantasy names based on this randomized algorithm free from repetition.


To conclude, it's needless to say that the Egyptians are extremely particular about every name. They believe in the hidden power of each name in deciding the qualities of the name holder. So, even if you are working on fantasy stories or fiction projects, you have to present realistic names.

The Egyptian Name generator takes away the burden from you and comes up with unlimited name options with their adjacent meanings. It's free and easy to use. Stay in touch with us for more such interesting tools!