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Venture into the lands of Westeros with our Game of Thrones Name Generator! Whether you desire a Stark name, a Targaryen tale, or a Lannister legacy, find your perfect match in the world of dragons and white walkers!

Games of thrones name generator

Games of thrones name generator or GOT name generator is an online artificial intelligence tool. This tool is very popular among all the game of thrones television series lovers. This generator tool provides you the next level of gaming or generation experience which you may not get from regular internet surfing.

What is Game of thrones?

Game of thrones is an American television series. This television series is broadcasted in HBO. Game of thrones is an all time popular television series which was first telecasted in 17 April 2011. This television series includes 8 series and its last episode was telecasted in May 2019. The content of this television series includes drama,romance, fantasy and tragedy.

Interesting facts about Games of thrones

  • Joffrey is a horrible person from Game of Thrones that every viewer must hate. But the actor who plays the character of Joffrey is actually a very humble and grounded person.
  • Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are a real life couple. These two fell in love on the sets of games of thrones and started dating each in 2012.
  • The actor Jack Gleeson, who played as King Jorffey in the Game of Thrones series has put an end to his acting career. This series was his last piece of work as an actor.
  • Oona Chaplin, who played the role of Talisha Maegyr in GOT is the granddaughter of great legend Charlin Chaplin.
  • Games of thrones and Lord of the rings are the two fantasy masterpieces. Also, these two have immense resemblance. For instance, one of the swords of the iron throne in game of thrones is the same used in lord of the rings.

How does the GOT name generator work?

Learning to use this tool is very easy. Even a beginner user can easily learn about this tool by going through the given simple steps:

  • Please navigate to this page Game Of Thrones Name Generator.
  • You will be asked to enter inputs like how many game of thrones names you want to generate and among which category. Choose your input and feed them.
  • Once you are done with your input choices then press on the ' Generate' button which is given below the input dialog boxes.

Your desired games of thrones character names will be generated within no time. This generator tool provides you a fast and hassle free option to generate a variety of characters who belong to the GOT series.

Inputs required for GOT generator

Here is the brief to make you well-versed about the inputs of GOT generators.

  • Number of GOT names to generate:
    • This input requires a specific number input. User can enter any number ranging from 1-15. For example: If the user enters number 5, then 5 GOT names will be generated.
  • Category:
    • In this input box, the required gender has to be mentioned. User has to choose one option from the given three options. The given three options are Male, Female and Random.

Games of Thrones names generated through this tool:


  1. Edric
  2. Harwin
  3. Gregor
  4. Daeron


  1. Shae
  2. Cerissa
  3. Joanna
  4. Rhaena
  5. Myrcella


  1. Khaleesi
  2. Alysanne
  3. Arya
  4. Elia
  5. Brienne

Features of GOT name generator

The GOT name generator is also known as Westeros name generator. The Westeros name of this generator is derived from the name of a continent which is located in the western side of the world ( as shown in the series). Along with generating the dornish names, here are some of the cool features of this generator which you must check out.

Free online tool:

The GOT generator tool is a free to use online tool. Users don't have to pay a subscription fee or any other charges to have unlimited access.

Artificial intelligence tool:

AI tools are trending these days. It's high time that you learn AI tools and apply them to fast forward your working speed. GOT names generator is an easy AI tool option to start your AI tools learning journey.

Random results:

The results generated through the game of thrones names generator are random and quick. You get different answers to the same inputs everytime. These random results will help you curb the monotony of getting the same results.

Easy to learn tool:

The GOT name generator is a very easy to learn online tool. Users can simply follow how to use instruction steps to learn this tool effectively.

Applications of game of thrones name generator:

Cool names for kids:

Games of Thrones name generator is a tool which can be a good option to get cool and unique names for the kids. So, try this tool to generate cool and less known names. Such as Elia, Quenton, Lysa.

Avatar names:

Nowadays, avatars of almost everything are becoming common. Many social media platforms have a different section where you have to choose your avatar name. Through the GOT generator, you can find some exotic names for your avatar version.

Play name games:

Name games are pretty much trending these days. You can play such games with the help of the GOT name generator. Generate cool westeros or stark names and name your gaming characters on the names of game of thrones characters.

Get knowledge about GOT:

Games of thrones generator provides a great opportunity for the GOT fans to know more about this amazing television series. You can generate random games of throne character names and surf the internet for more information about the character.

Creative ideas:

The famous games of thrones television series is based on the novel asoiaf ( a song of ice and fire) novel. This television series makers used their creativity to transform this novel into a television series. You can also take many inspirational creative ideas to make a masterpiece out of the scratch asoiaf names which you will generate through this tool.

Character names for fictional stories:

If you are a creative writer then this AI tool is going to help you a lot in your work. With games of thrones name generator, you can get plenty of character names with just one click. Furthermore, you can use the character names generated through this tool in your fictional or fantasy stories.


Game of thrones name generator tool is beneficial to all kinds of users. Either you are a creative person, looking for live entertainment or AI tools savvy, this amazing tool will surely provide you productive results. Feel free to spread knowledge about this tool and share it in your social media accounts.

Happy game of thrones name generation!