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Find the perfect name for your D&D campaign or fantasy novel with our Gnome Name Generator. From rock to forest gnomes, your character will stand out with male or female Gnome Names.

Get into the Magical World with Gnome Name Generator 

We all are fond of some fantasy-based stories and find some mystical characters particularly intriguing. Gnomes are such magical creatures mostly heard in popular legends.

If you are thinking about introducing male or female gnomes into your creative plot, then you are here for the right tool. The gnome name generator will share with you some impactful gnome nicknames that otherwise may have skipped your mind. Also, for popular games like Dungeons and Dragons, the tool will pick some engaging Gnome names for you

Based on the theme of your story, like forest or cosmic setups, you can accordingly pick the best gnome names. So, stay with us and have some insight about the tool. 

Who are Gnomes? 

Gnomes are dwarf-like mysterious creatures from folklore, who are known for both their witty as well as stealthy nature. It is because of their gray characteristics and interesting features, that they have become an important part of today's games and fiction writings. Mostly in European mythical stories, Gnomes are depicted as dwarfish or goblins who guard precious treasures. 

If you are already aware of these small but intelligent personalities, then it's time for you to design your story based on different settings. There's no bar for your imagination, given you can have rock gnome names, names for forest gnomes, evil, funny gnomes, and more. 

How to Use the Gnome Name Generator? 

If you are curious about how to explore the fun naming tool, then follow the stepwise guide below to have engaging gnome first and last names. 

  • Step 1. Navigate to the Gnome Name Generator page. 
  • Step 2. You have to specify the gender of the gnome. Accordingly, you can have male, female, or random gnome names. 
  • Step 3. You can select the number of random names for the gnome you wish to have. By default, it would show 5, and max, you can have 10 names at a time. 
  • Step 4. Finally, hit on the Generate Gnome name tab. 

Now, based on the customization details you have entered, you will get a list of gnome first and last names below. 

Gnomes in DND Games 

Those who are addicted to Dungeons and Dragons games would find this tool useful. You can have uncountable dnd gnome names for free using the tool. Let's have some understanding about the D&D gnomes. 

Who are the gnomes in Dungeon and Dragons? 

The character of gnomes in D&D is quite gripping. There are tiny tricksters with smaller heights but witty minds. Their true intention never comes to light as they have the potential to successfully deceive both friends and enemies. They are a great explorer in the sense that they timely dwell for gems and have a strong bond with the dwarves. 

In most remarkable D and D editions, including the 4 and 5e, gnome names sound melodious with added humor. Know such forest gnome names, using the tool. 

Evolution of DND Gnome Names

In the Dungeon and Dragons role-playing game, gnomes are available as one of the main game characters. While most are confused between them and the dwarves, they are more tolerant of other races and attracted to magic tricks. Here's an evolution of gnomes in the popular role-playing game. 

Random Gnomes in 1st Edition 

In the beginner edition of the D and D, Gnomes are introduced. They were presented humorously, particularly in solo quest adventures like Dragons-0, and Gnomes-100. For the beginner edition, funny D&D gnome monikers like Myona Babblebell, lpbis Fiddlehold, etc are more suitable. 

2nd Edition Gnomes 

The character of Gnomes has appeared in a more advanced way in the 2nd edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game. They appeared as a character race from the second edition onwards. Particularly gnome races like forest, rock, deep, and tinker are found. Check out interesting rock gnome names like Zinhana Hergen, Kirani Overmaster, etc. 

3rd Edition Gnomes 

In both the third and 3.5 revised editions, Gnomes appeared in character races. The developers have featured themselves as a spell caster and illusionist in the third edition. You can choose a player character for the third edition with names like Uridon Wildust, Nylus Flukebit, Oilycord, etc. 

Gnomes in 4th and 5e D&D Games 

In both the fourth and fifth edition games, Gnomes are in player races. Particularly, the Player Handbook links the tinker and rock gnomes in the Dragonlance setting. For the latest edition, you will find random gnome monikers like Taxi Whistle Firm, Bonita Orcenes, Venxis Muranter, etc

Benefits of the Gnome Name Tool 

If you are into the gaming or fictional world, there are many reasons for you to use the gnome randomizer tool. Here's summing up some of the benefits of the tool

  • It's a free randomizer naming tool with a vast database. 
  • Have enough customization scope, including the male and female settings. 
  • You can have as many as 10 gnome monikers at one time. 
  • You can have D&D gnome character race names including forest, rock, and tinker races. 
  • The generated names are updated with each Dungeons and Dragons edition, including the 4th and recent 5th player races. 

Male and Female Names for Gnomes 

Unlike the generic conception, there are both gnome males and females. While males are slightly taller than their counterparts, females are slender build. Also, female gnomes are more cherishing and outgoing by nature compared to males. 

Gnome Male Names ExamplesGnome Female Names Examples
Ronni SpringboksVoci Orecenas
Celdin Quick PocketRunt Wrench Dish
Sinfitz GrindpitchRelies Shortballon
Venaxis PolyrocheZinhani Gripfuse
TomlinSelna Montpunitil
Envios Silver SpringGalbi Copperpeak
Jink ClickcrockeAiko Flukebit
Felker BronzepanDarra Quickboots
Grenli TombendMyona Babblebell
ArgosKlohani Tosslebell


How many Gnomes names can you have with the tool? 

There's no upper limit to generating the Gnome nicknames. But at one time you can have ten such names. For more keep on hitting the generate tab.

Can I have female names for Gnome? 

You can have names for both female and male gnomes using the tool. You can specify the gender before generating name results. 

Can I have the latest edition dungeons and dragons Gnome nicknames? 

The tool will particularly serve with updated naming ideas for Dungeons and Dragons players. You can have the latest names, including the monikers for Gnomes from the fifth edition. 


The Gnome name Generator is an advanced naming tool for all fantasy and game lovers. You can have updated Gnome's first and last names from different categories, including humorous, adventurous, and intellectual names. So, based on your Gnome traits and character races like rocks and forest gnome names, you can get magical name ideas. Let your geeky personality out, with more such amazing tools from the site!