Jedi Name Generator: 1000s of Cool Star Wars Jedi Names!

Step into a galaxy of adventures with the Jedi Name Generator! Discover cool, good, male & female Jedi names for your Star Wars journey.

Delve into the World of Star Wars Jedi

Are you fascinated by the Star Wars trilogy? It is a fantastic series with diverse characters. You can delve into the imaginary universe, learn about the different species, their language, and cultures, and find the potential.

The Star Wars Jedi movie has gained popularity across the globe. The first trilogy was the prequel, which introduced Anakin Skywalker and fell from the Jedi light side. The second movie is about the animated show named Star War Rebels, a political thriller story.

You will also know about Luke Skywalker and his journey against the empire. The series ends with the sequel trilogy. It is about The Last Jedi and the mantle.

Finding the perfect name with the Jedi Name Generator

Know the Star Wars universe to find the ideal Jedi name. Jedi are known to possess different capabilities and physical strength. They protect the universe with their unique power. Their ability to safeguard the republic's citizens with their capabilities and strength makes them appreciated by people.

Use the generator if you are looking for a good Jedi name. Here, you will get the names of Jedi characters having different characteristics. So, if you want the name for your story, role play, or have a keen interest in knowing the Jedi character, head to the random Jedi name generator.

Steps to use the Jedi Name Generator

With the help of the generator, you will get the female and male Jedi names in just a few clicks. Find the perfect Jedi names by following these steps.

  • Step 1 - Open the page - Jedi Name Generator.
  • Step 2 - In the box, enter the number of Jedi names. You can choose from 1 to 10.
  • Step 3 - Choose the category. There are three categories - Random, Male, and Female.
  • Step 4 - Click on the Generate Jedi Names.

Repeat the process to learn about the different Jedi characters. You can explore the other characters and know their potential.

Choosing the Jedi Names

Explore about the Universe

If you want to choose the cool Jedi names, explore the Star Wars universe. Know about the different species and their potential. Explore the diversified features of these species and then finally move to the Star Wars Jedi name generator to get the unlimited names.

Do some research about these names.

To better use the Jedi names for your stories or role play, try to know the origin and country of these names. Know their stories and the reason behind their names. If the Jedi names inspire your story character, then understand why you should opt for the name.

What are your preferences?

To choose the Jedi name, consider the capabilities and characteristics you want in your character. Then, look for the name that matches the potential of your role model.


The characters should be memorable and distinctive. The desirable nature makes the story look more attractive and appealing, and the people can relate to it.

Scenarios to use the Jedi name generator

Using the Star Wars name generator Jedi can be fun for different scenarios. If you want unique ideas for the story and role-play, go for it.

Stories and Creativity

Be creative with your stories. You can search the characters from the Star Wars Jedi names generator, know their details, and include them in the stories. Find the iconic characters similar to the characters from the Star Wars universe.

The generator will give you unique ideas and characters for your creative writing and stories.

Role Plays

You have to create interest in the role play to entice the viewers. Also, the school institutes and other role plays aim to educate on the prevailing issues and help them learn and grow these interesting concepts of role play.

As the Star Wars trilogy is famous and kids of different ages are keenly interested in these stories, taking the character from the Jedi roles can enhance innovation and creativity.


Use the Jedi names for fun purposes. You can utilize your free time to find the types of Jedi characters and their unique capabilities. If you are interested in exploring these characters, this tool is best for you.

Quiz and Trivia

If you want to organize the get-togethers or parties, use the Star Wars Jedi name character to make the parties more fun. Managing the game like a quiz can help to check the knowledge of each other as it can be one of the excellent topics for fun purposes.

Cool Jedi Names Generated:

MaleDrka Keler
MaleZivi Windseeker
MalePyhutyos Amitey
MaleNiar Starwhisper
MaleZifiain Praxon
MaleYenaain Thul
MaleMuwypoyn Sunstriker
MaleDotras Katana
MaleVebrcy Nightwind
MaleMunayre Starweaver
FemaleJonuur Thunderveil
FemaleTysotaorc Lightweaver
FemaleDrdrkueth Duann
FemaleMimoain Frostguard
FemaleZekuon Greyhelm
FemaleTykeor Katana
FemalePrseure Shadowblade
FemaleZiziik Shadowblade
FemaleRifisu Starweaver

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Jedi Name Generator?

    Jedi name generator helps you to discover the countless Jedi characters from the Star Wars series. You can use these characters for gaming, role play, or writing your next creative piece.

  2. Are Jedi names free?

    Yes, the Jedi name generator is free to use. You don’t need to provide your details or require a login credential. You can find the different names simply by accessing the website.

  3. How to use the Jedi Name Generator?

    Open the page - Jedi Name Generator. You can enter the number of Jedi names you want. The generator allows it to enter from one to ten. Next, you choose the category from male, female, or random. Hit the generate tab, and you will get the result.

  4. Why should I use the Jedi name generator?

    There are different purposes. If you want to explore the world of Star Wars or write a story, you can take the character from Star Wars, role play, quiz, or any other purpose.


Exploring the world of Star Wars is exciting! Use the Star Wars Jedi name Generator and get the cool Jedi names. The best thing is that instead of using the generator repeatedly, you can generate up to ten names in one go.

Also, the toll gives you the option to get the male names or only female names. You can choose the category as per your choice. So, use the generator and have fun.