Navi Name Generator - Your Avatar Na'vi Persona

The Pandora skies await! Navi Name Generator provides you with authentic Na'vi names, drawing from the lush lexicon of the Avatar universe. Perfect for gamers, writers, and fans alike.

Navi Name Generator: Embrace the Spirit of Pandora 🌠

Dive into the lush world of Pandora with our Navi Name Generator! Whether you're an avid fan of the iconic Avatar movie or a creative mind seeking inspiration, this tool is your portal to the mystical Na'vi culture.

Generate your unique Na'vi name and become one with the tribe, whether for online gaming, storytelling, or just for fun.

Features of Na'vi Names Generator

Versatile Category Selection

Embody the spirit of a male or female Na'vi, or let fate decide with our random name generation. Our generator caters to all, providing a personalized touch to your Avatar experience.

Customized Number of Names

Whether you're looking for a single Na'vi name or a list to choose from, our generator can accommodate your needs. Select the number of names you wish to manifest and let the magic happen.

Instant Na'vi Identity

With a user-friendly interface and a quick generation process, your Na'vi name is just a click away. Get ready to explore Pandora with a name as unique as its world.

How to Use the Avatar Na'vi Name Generator

  1. Navigate to the Page: Visit our Navi Name Generator page.
  2. Select the Category: Choose 'male', 'female', or 'random' to define the gender of the name you wish to generate.
  3. Enter the Number of Names: Decide how many names you want to generate to suit your exploration or project.
  4. Click ‘Generate’: Engage with the 'Generate' button and receive your Na'vi names, crafted to resonate with the Avatar universe.

Use Cases

  • Gaming: Enhance your gaming persona with a Na'vi name that's both immersive and authentic to the world of Avatar.
  • Creative Writing: Writers can use the generator to name their characters in fan fiction or original stories inspired by the Na'vi culture.
  • Role-Playing: Dive into role-playing games with a Na'vi name that brings out your character's identity in the Avatar universe.

Examples of Na'vi Names

Male Avatar Na’vi NamesFemale Avatar Navi NamesIkran Names
1. TorukTahay1. NeytiriTe1. SezeTail
2. Eytukan'Olo2. Mo'atTxen2. VitraWing
3. Tsu'teykan3. Sylwanin'Ewa3. Atokirina'Fly
4. Ateyo'itan4. Tseyä'ite4. SkxawngSwoop
5. Omatikaya'itan5. NawmaSeyri5. TukruSky
6. Kaymukan6. PxiyaSwirl6. SwotuLeaping
7. Txonä'itan7. EyayeSinging7. IkumSwish
8. Uniltaron'itan8. RolkxuDream8. NantangDive
9. TaronyuHunter9. FìwopxWind9. PalulukanStrike
10. TsahikSon10. YerikWhisper10. TìhawnuGlide
11. Tìreyä'itan11. Lu'itBreeze11. Syura'vin
12. Vitra'itan12. Kxanìa'ite12. UtralAymokriya
13. Yayo'itan13. TsengalFlutter13. VrrtepStreak
14. Tìrol'itan14. Txe'lanHeart14. TawtuteThrust
15. Iknamaya'itan15. Nari'awLook15. IkranTireaSpirit

FAQs about Our Na'vi Name Generator

  1. How do I pronounce the Na'vi names?

    Na'vi names are inspired by the linguistic patterns established in the Avatar universe. Pronunciations follow the movie's language, which includes ejective consonants and a rich array of vowel sounds.

  2. Can I use these names for my online avatar?

    Yes! These names are perfect for online avatars, role-playing characters, or any other creative endeavor where you need a unique identity.

  3. Are the generated names unique?

    While we strive to provide a wide variety of names, uniqueness can vary. We recommend customizing the generated names to your taste for a personal touch.


The Navi Name Generator is an invitation to the world of Avatar, offering a unique opportunity to create a name that resonates with the beauty and depth of the Na'vi culture.

Step into the world of Pandora with your very own Na'vi name and experience the connection to a universe where nature and spirituality intertwine.