Persian Name Generator 🟢⚪🔴

Embark on a journey to find the perfect Persian name with our Persian Name Generator. Whether you are looking for a distinctive first name or a meaningful last name, our tool helps you explore a vast array of Iranian names and surnames with ease.

Embark on a Journey of Heritage with the Persian Name Generator

Dive into the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Persia with our Persian Name Generator. A valuable tool for authors, gamers, and history enthusiasts alike, it offers a repository of enchanting Persian and Iranian names at your fingertips.

Whether you are on the lookout for inspiration for your next story or simply exploring the vast landscape of Persian names, this tool provides an enriching experience. Let's delve deeper into what makes this tool a must-have for everyone fascinated by the tapestry of Persian heritage.

Features of the Persian Name Generator

A Wealth of Persian Names at Your Fingertips

Our Persian Name Generator houses an extensive array of names, each echoing the rich history and diverse narratives inherent in Persian culture.

From names reminiscent of ancient Persia to contemporary Iranian names, this tool brings you closer to the beautiful intricacies of Iranian names and Persian last names. You might also be interested in exploring the Random Last Name Generator for a diverse collection of last names from various cultures.

Categories to Choose From: Male, Female, or Random

To provide a tailored experience, the tool allows you to select names based on categories - Male, Female, or delve into a random assortment with the default "Random" category. No matter your choice, a beautiful list of culturally resonant names awaits you.

Discover the Meaning Behind Each Name

But this tool offers more than just names. It also unveils the stories and traditions encapsulated within each name by providing their meanings, allowing a deeper connection with the rich and diverse Iranian heritage.

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How to Use the Persian Name Generator?

  1. Navigate to the Persian Name Generator Tool: Begin your adventure by heading over to our Persian Name Generator page.
  2. Select a Category: Choose a category from the dropdown menu - Male, Female, or take a leap of faith with the default Random selection.
  3. Decide on the Number of Names: Specify the number of names you wish to generate - the default is three.
  4. Generate Persian Names: Click the "Generate Persian Name" button to reveal a list of names along with their unique meanings.

10 Examples of Generated Persian Names

MaleFarid'Unique, Precious'
FemaleAnahita'Goddess of Water'
MaleCyrus'Sun, Throne'
MaleDariush'He who holds firm the good'
FemaleNasrin'Wild Rose'
MaleArash'Bright Arrow'
FemaleParisa'Like a Fairy'
RandomSimin'Silvery, Silvery White'

Tips for Using the Generated Persian Names

  1. Writing Projects: Incorporate the generated Persian names into your writing projects for authentic and vibrant narratives.
  2. Cultural Exploration: Utilize this tool to embark on an educational and entertaining journey through Persian culture and history. You can extend your exploration to Japanese culture with our Japanese Name Generator.
  3. Naming Characters in Games: Create rich and culturally immersive character profiles in games or role-playing scenarios using Iranian names.


  1. Can I find the history behind each name?
  2. Yes, the tool provides a brief insight into the rich history and stories behind each name.

  3. Can I use a separate tool for generating last names?
  4. Absolutely! You can explore a wide variety of surnames using various name generators available on our platform.

  5. Are there other name generators I can explore?
  6. Yes, we offer a variety of name generators for a global journey through names.


Embarking on a journey through the rich narratives of Persian culture has never been this enriching. With our Persian Name Generator, you not only discover beautiful Iranian names but also delve deep into the meanings and stories that each name carries.

Whether it is for a writing project, personal exploration, or gaming, the Persian Name Generator is your trusted ally in this fascinating journey. Get ready to explore the world of Persian names and let your creativity flourish.

Happy exploring!