Random Birthday Generator - 🎂 Discover Your Random Birthdate!

🎉 Ever wondered what it'd be like to celebrate your birthday on a different day? Dive into our Random Birthday Generator and discover a new date to party!

Random Birthday Generator

Asking When is your birthday is the most random and common question anyone has ever asked you. Sometimes we excitedly answer but often we want to keep our DOB discreet. The Random Birthday Generator is for those situations when you don't want to respond but instead, you can fake your birthday.

Even on filling up information on variable websites, the birthday generator will work out as a great tool for you. Other than that, if you are designing a character for your next script, then you may need details like birthday year, or date. In all these cases, the birthday randomizer will appear as a relevant tool for you.

What is Meant by Birthday?

Birthday is the common way of remembering the first anniversary from the day someone is born. Birthday is celebrated nowadays not only for humans but also for pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. Often birthdays are celebrated by way of blowing candles, through specific birthday rituals in different cultures, throwing birthday parties, etc.

Even institutions like your school, college, or office celebrate yearly anniversaries from the day it's founded. But that is known as Foundation Day, different from what we humans call ours a birthday. Use the birthday randomizer to generate random birthdays for your imaginary script characters or possessions like your doll.

How the Random Birthday Generator Works?

Like all our other tools, the random birthday generator tool is quite simple to try out. All you have to do is follow one or two steps at max. Know how to use the tool below:

  • Step 1. Open the Random Birthday Generator Page.
  • Step 2. Tap on the Generate Birthday option, to get a fake date of birth every time.

You will get a random birthday year, month date, the day in that year. It would appear in a day, DD/MM/YYYY format. Example: Wednesday, 16 April 2014.

Amazing Facts Related to Birthday

Before you start generating fake dates of birth using the tool, enjoy some astonishing facts about birthdays.

  • Do you know? Everyday there are 15 million+ people worldwide who blow out their candles and celebrate birthdays.
  • Many traditions believe that if you can blow off all candles in one breath, your birthday wish will come true.
  • The most common day in the US, when a birthday is celebrated other than the leap year, is May 22nd.
  • You cut birthday cakes every year, all credit goes to the Romans who began the custom initially.
  • The tradition of gift-giving on every birthday has turned into a huge gift economy in many countries with larger populations according to economists.
  • Initially, gifts were given as per the age of the celebrant. The more your age the costlier the gift.
  • For a wider circle of friends or a group of 20 people, there is a 50-50 probability that at least two of them will have the same birthday.
  • Worldwide, approx 17 people are alive today who were born in the 19th century. Out of them, only 16 or less are women.

These are some of the fun facts related to birthdays that you can't miss out on! Let's learn some of the reasons for using the birthday randomizer below.

Applications of the Random Birthday Generator

Your first thought about this tool can be why someone would need a random birthday in real life. Here are some real-time applications of the random birthday generator-

Inputting Details on Virtual World

No matter how advanced we pretend to become or claim that our life is dependent on the digital internet world. However, some personal details are worth not sharing randomly. Often you may have experienced that almost all websites or applications ask for signing in to access their info, or features. There they will ask for your DOB.

Many cyber hackers use such personal details as a means of invading your privacy and deceitful activities. So, instead, create a random birthday using the tool, and don't share your original details where it's not needed.

For Creative Reasons

The random birthday generator tool will be quite resourceful when you are designing a character or writing a script for your next play, story, or other content. You may need birthdays to decide the age of your characters or while thinking about birthday-specific scenes for your plot. Whichever may be the case, the tool will act as an assisting hand and help you in developing the script.

The greatest advantage of using the birthday randomizer is that you can generate as many fake birthdays as you want for free. So, there is no limit for you. What's your reason for using the tool?

Example Random Birthday of Famous Personalities

Date of BirthsFamous Personalities
1955, 28 OctoberBill Gates
1809, 12 FebruaryAbraham Lincoln
2003, 3 JanuaryGreta Thunberg
1972, 10 JuneSundar Pichai
1931, 15 OctoberAPJ Abul Kalam
1918, 18 JulyNelson Mandela
1972, 17 OctoberEminem
1925, 13 OctoberMargaret Thatcher
1954, 21 SeptemberShinzo Abe
1974, 28 JulyAlexis Tsipras

These are a few examples of random birthdays of popular personalities worldwide. You can generate more such birthdays using the random birthday generator and know about leaders being born on that day.


  1. How can the random birthday generator help me?

    The random birthday tool helps the user generate a fake date of birth which they can later use on multiple occasions. Some relevant scenarios include signing in on random websites, creating characters for scripts, and interesting games like matching DOB with famous personalities, etc.

  2. What information can I have using the birthday randomizer?

    The birthday randomizer tool can be used in simple two steps (see above the steps). Once you tap the generate tab, the tool will share a random date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format with the day of that particular year as per the calendar. For example, Friday, 03 August 2018.

  3. Can I have multiple fake dates of birth with the tool?

    The tool generates random birthdays multiple times for free. So, you should continue tapping on the generate tab for many such random dates. However, at one time you can have one such fake date of birth.


To sum up! The random birthday generator is a simple two-step tool that may prove useful for you on numerous occasions. Be it entering personal details on an unverified site or arranging trivia quizzes or for other creative reasons, there's no limit to generating random birthdays. Try the amazing tool today and let us know your experiences.