Random Picker - Pick a random item

Welcome to our Random Picker, a versatile tool designed to help make those tough decisions for you. Whether you need a random selector or a tool to pick from a list, our random picker generator has got you covered.

Introduction to the Space of Unbiased Selections

There will be times when you are unable to make decisions. You have many options and really don’t understand which one to choose; in such cases, you can use the random picker that gives you an unbiased result.

This example will help you understand better about the picker generator. Say, you are a teacher, and you have a list of presentations for the class. But you need clarification about how to assign the topics. In such a case, all you can do is put the name of the children in the generator and start running the generator to get the result.

The tool will randomly pick the name of the student. You need to keep the presentation topics handy and assign the topics according to the names chosen by the generator. The random picker can solve your dilemma within a few minutes, and you can go with it without having a second thought, as it produces a result based on artificial intelligence.

How to use the Random Picker

The random selector is simple to use. Instead of wasting time thinking about what to choose, put the list in the generator and get the result in the blink of an eye.

  • Step 1 - Head to the page - Random Picker.
  • Step 2 - You will see the box with the title Enter Items. Put the name of the things you want to select randomly.
  • Step 3 - You will have another box - Number of Items. Type the numbers of things or people you want to choose randomly.
  • Step 4 - Click on the tab - Pick a random item.
  • Step 5 - Here comes a result. You will get randomly picked items.

The generator is helpful when you have a long list and don’t know where to start. It can sort out things easily yet quickly.

Application and Uses of Random Picker

Name Picking

You have a large group of people and don’t know from whom to start the event or any game. You want to select people unbiasedly. All you can do is use the random picker from the list, which will help you to choose the people randomly.

Some examples where you can use the random picker are contests, giveaways, and the teachers can use it to choose the students for different purposes in the classroom.

Randomly choose the things to draw.

Another interesting scenario where you can use the random selector is when you are an artist and love to draw random things. You have many things on your table to draw and need the object to paint first.

So, don’t waste time; put the list in the generator and start drawing what appears in the first hit.

Choose to get the vacation spot.

So, you want to go on vacation and have many destinations on your list. But eventually, you can travel to one place or nearby places to that particular destination. You and your family are unable to reach a consensus. So, what’s next?

No worries when you have the tool available anytime! Put your list of destinations in the enter items list and select the destination—no more clashes of view with each other. You will get the result and reach a mutual decision.

Playing the game with family and friends

Selecting the first one to start the game is challenging! Many want the first chance, while many others refuse to take the first chance. Enter the name of people in the generator, and you can get the name of the person who has to move first.

Benefits of using the Random Picker

  • Get the neutral result - The generator uses the random, artificial algorithm that gives the neutral consequence. For example, as a teacher, you want the list of students on an impartial basis; the tool will provide you with a reliable and unbiased result.
  • Quick Decision Making - Sometimes, you may get stuck and don’t know where to start; the random picker generator can do it for you within a few minutes.
  • Multiple uses - It’s not only the name you can select randomly; you instead put the phone numbers or e-mail ids and use them for varied purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a random picker?

    Many times there are scenarios where you are unable to make the proper decision or the group of people is unable to reach a consensus. The random picker can solve your problem by entering the name of people or other things in the generator and getting the randomly made list.

  2. How do you use a random selector?

    Random pickers are easy to use and do not need special training. Open the page - random picker. Enter the list of items you want to shortlist. Also, enter the number of things you want in one go. Finally, click on the tab - pick a random object to get the result.

  3. Are there any limits to using the random picker?

    No, there is no limit to using the generator. You can put as many names in the generator as possible. You can use it for many purposes like games, for students, lotteries, raffles, and selecting winners for contestants.

  4. How many names can I enter in one go?

    There is no limitation. You can enter a really long list and see the number of entries made on the right side of the enter items box.


Random pickers from lists can sort out your many problems. Another benefit of using it is that you don’t have to make a long list now. Instead, use the generator manually. You can also copy the result. You will see a tab on the right side that allows you to copy the result.

Now, no more disagreement on selecting people or things for different purposes. You can randomly get the result and have a mutual decision.