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The character Pokemon was first introduced by Japan in the form of a video game in 1995. Not only kids but now adults also embrace it, and it has gained popularity over time. Now across the globe, Pokemon is famous.

First, Pokemon was introduced in the video game; later, the company expanded its vertical, and now kids can enjoy its various forms like trading cards, movies, animation, series, and many more.

Have the briefing about each of the different variants:

  • Pokemon Video Games - Right now, it has many series, each having different features. The first generation was released in 1996, and the latest one, the ninth series, was released in November 2022.
  • Trading Cards - The trading cards were also released in 1996. You can choose the different Pokemon types and battles to win the game through cards.
  • Animated Series - Yet another version, and most of the kids loved watching it. It has over 1000 series, and the story is about a young boy striving to become Pokemon.
  • Pokemon - Surely, fans would have noticed the movies released in 1998; they are the best combination of actions, animations, and enticing stories.

Know about the Random Pokemon Type Generator

Most of you are already aware of Pokemon, and many of you may be a big fan of Pokemon. But do you know that the world of Pokemon is so vast that it is hard for you to know the different characters and their abilities?

So, if you love to explore the different types, head to the Pokemon type randomizer and dive into the world of Pokemon. Through the generator, you can explore the different types, and the best thing is that it helps you to select the next potential player if you are a Pokemon video game lover.

There are more than 18 types of Pokemon, each having unique characteristics. Whether you play a video game or love to watch a movie, knowing each character is fun and entertaining.

How to find the different Pokemon Types?

If you want to pick a random Pokemon type, then follow these steps and explore how fascinating the Pokemon world is!

  • Step 1 - Head to the page Random Pokemon Type Generator.
  • Step 2 - Simply click on the Generate tab.
  • Step 3 - If you see the Pokemon image along with its type.
  • Step 4 - If you want to explore more, repeat the process.

The database is full of different types, along with the image. Using the random Pokemon type Generator could be the best strategy for your game, as you know the type and its potential.

What are the uses and Benefits of Random Pokemon Type Generator?


Pokemon is fun! Since it was introduced in 1995, there have been a lot of versions and types of Pokemon. For example, if you choose Fire, there are 95 fire characters.

So, exploring Pokemon is fun! Indeed, you don't know about each of them, and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses is entertaining.

What should be your next move?

Everyone wants a win-win situation; no matter if you're going to play a video game or trading cards, you desire to win, and to win, you need to have a good knowledge and understanding of different types.

For example, if you choose the electric Pokemon, it cannot be paralyzed. Similarly, fire-type Pokemon cannot be burned. So, have a depth of knowledge before selecting the next type.

Activities at school

You know that kids need different activities for their overall growth and development. Why not get unique ideas from the Pokemon-type generator? Now, you would be thinking about how the tool can provide you with something different to perform any activities.

Taking ideas from the Pokemon-type generator can help the teachers or students choose the role play and their varied characters. With these characters and a slight modification, some activities can be done to create awareness or for educational purposes.

Different Pokemon types

Pokemon NameFeature
NormalThey are a very basic type and do not have an effect against rock and steel.
FireThey are special types and effective against grass, ice, bugs, and steel.
WaterThey are sea-dwelling creatures and have power towards fire and ground.
ElectricThese do not work well on the ground.
GrassIneffective on grass but works well on the ground, rock, and water.
IceThey are based on seals and yaks and work best against Ice Pokemon.
Fighting TypeThese are effective against normal, ice, dark, and steel.
PoisonIt works best against the grass and fairy.
GroundThey are used against poison, rock, electric, and fire.
FlyingThese are based on birds and insects and have the quality to fight against grass and bugs.
PsychicIt does not affect the dark but the poison.
BugBugs are effective against dark, grass, and psychic.
RockIt has special qualities and works against fire, ice, flying, and bugs.
GhostPlayers can use it against psychics and ghosts.
DragonThey are only effective on dragons.
DarkOnly effective against psychic and ghost
SteelIt works poorly against fire, steel, electric, and water.
FairyIt works well only on dragon and dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Pokemon-type randomizer?

    Pokemon type randomizer is the tool that generates the different types of Pokemon along with the image. Currently, there are 18 types, and you can know each by randomly developing from the tool.

  2. Can I create the team with the Random Pokemon Type Generator?

    Yes, the tool is helpful to make your team. You can use the tool to organize the game and randomly make the team. It helps create an unbiased tool, and you don’t need to waste time selecting the people for the team.

  3. How do I use the tool?

    Pokemon-type generators are easy to use and don’t need special training. All you have to do is to head to the page random Pokemon type generator, click on the generate tab, and you will get the image along with the type.


Random Pokemon Type Generator is a great tool! If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you can explore the different types. Even the different types have varied characters having different capabilities.