Random QR Code Generator (QR Codes with Custom Messages)

Unlock the potential of QR codes with our Random QR Code Generator. This tool creates random QR codes, perfect for testing purposes, generating dummy codes and custom messages, or adding an element of surprise.

Generating the QR Code - It’s Free, It’s Simple

You know the world of technology is constantly evolving! No one wants to waste their precious time by following the lengthy process, thanks to the QR code that is helping millions of people worldwide access different services by just scanning a QR Code.

QR code is the advanced way businesses, schools, restaurants, advertising companies, and many others use to provide insights into the services, coupons, and different marketing campaigns they run.

With the help of random QR codes, you can check the efficient working of the app or any other campaign. The business and other users have to make sure proper working of QR codes before making these codes open to the public. So with the QR Code Generator, they can check the efficacy by running a mock trial.

So, What actually is QR Code?

QR code contains the strength of information in alpha-numeric and character form and is a barcode. QR is Quick Response, and as the name suggests, users can get the data just with a few touches on mobile phones.

From the payment gateways to the discount coupon, you can access it anywhere and anytime. One of the most significant advantages is that you can share with family and friends through Email and What’s app.

One interesting fact about the QR Code is that it was the first used by the Japanese Company to streamline the manufacturing process. Its invention proved bliss for different companies and industries.

How Does the Random QR Code Generator Work?

You may be awe-inspired to know that you can generate a mock QR code before actually implementing it. It is absolutely free, and you can generate it in bulk. The usage is effortless:

  • Step 1 - Go to the Random QR Code Generator Page.
  • Step 2 - Click on the generated QR Code.
  • Step 3 - You will get the randomly generated QR code.

The generator uses the AI algorithm; all QR codes will be unique. There is no limitation on generating the QR code.

We are also working on expanding this QR Code generator platform to accommodate custom messages and names to generate QR codes. Stay tuned!

Discover the Uses of Random QR Code Generators.


Businesses deal with a lot of information, as their role is to publicize their product and service to the customer, so it is one of the best ways to give access to the customer about the new product. The business generates random QR codes to scan so that people can view the product page easily.

Coupons and Discounts

You may have encountered many scenarios where many brands provide discount coupons through QR codes. With the coupon QR code, you can quickly redeem the benefit.

Get feedback from the customers.

Do you want reviews from the customer on your product and services, or do you want to know about public opinion so that you can come up with a better product? Then, provide the QR code to the customers so they can easily share their experience of using your services.

Payment Gateways

Why provide sensitive information about the bank account to everyone? Why not generate the free QR code and test the efficacy before linking to the bank account? You can connect the QR code to the bank account and make it a payment gateway for your product.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can use the random QR code for attendance purposes. They can provide the QR code to the students so that they can mark their attendance. So, no more proxies by the student.


You may need to fill out the form in the hospital as a patient or in school or college. But now, many facilities are providing the QR Code so that you can scan and fill out the form online. No more stress of paperwork!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Random QR Code?

    You can generate the random QR code for testing before implementing the actual usage. It helps in testing the efficacy of the application and allows to check the flaws in the functioning.

  2. How to scan the QR Code?

    Use the in-built camera of your mobile to scan the QR Code.

  3. Is the generator free to use?

    Yes, the generator is free to use, and there is no limitation on the number of use. You can click on the generate tab and get a unique result whenever you hit the button.


To run the pilot process of marketing campaigns, payments, sales, and marketing, and for many different purposes, you need the dummy QR codes to see the proper functioning of the app. The random QR code generator can suffice your need and provide the QR codes in just a few clicks. You can even use the bulk QR codes for different purposes.