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Cities and towns have some of the best fictional literary works be it Far from the Madding Crowd or Perry's Juniper Hill. If you are also interested in knowing about small towns, crowded towns, or trader-friendly towns, the Random Town Generator is the ideal tool for you. With the destined platform, you can get to know some of the best places and broaden your knowledge base as a result.

The random town names generator is also suited for all age groups for varying purposes. It can be a great platform to prepare yourself before any quiz contest or trivia, and also an equally good enough tool to generate town names for the upcoming fictional work. Learn about the big to small town name generator with us!

Comparing Town/ City/ Village

Before we proceed to talk about the random town generator, it's important to stay clear about town, city, and village lifestyles. All three types are places of habitation by locals and outsiders with differences in their way of living.


A village is a typical human settlement place with a population lesser than 25000-30000 people. The village or countryside settlements are usually scattered and based on farming, fishing, and primary sector activities. However, many villages with small cotton-based industries can also be found across the globe.

Even if the tool is not a village name generator, some of the beautiful village names worth knowing are Alpine Village, Switzerland; Berber Village in Ourika Valley, Morocco; Pornainen, Finland, etc.


A town is not as small and scattered as a village but neither congested nor busy as big cities. Here people live and work for various livelihood means. The human settlement in a town is between 30000-50000+ approx and they live mainly based on secondary and tertiary occupation.

Examples of some of the most heard random town names are the Town of Albany, California; Towns in North Rhine Westphalia; etc.


Cities are the most popular, busiest, and most versatile kind of human settlement. Here for livelihood, individuals get more opportunities to work and therefore practice multiple kinds of occupations. Cities are densely populated with extensive transportation systems. You can find many such random cities using our Random Capital City Generator tool.

Some of the capital city examples are Warsaw, Poland; London, England; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Lima, Peru, etc.

How to Use the Random Town Generator?

Using this global or American town name generator is simple and convenient if you follow the step-wise guide. Here's how:

  • Step 1. Open the Random Town Generator page.
  • Step 2. You will be given two customization options:
    • Enter the number of random town names you wish to generate, and
    • There's a country filter based on which town names across the world will be generated.
  • Step 3. Once done, finally hit on the Generate Random Town tab.

Below you will find your list of random town names across the globe with Country names, latitude-longitudes, and population estimation. You can share with more and more friends and create a community with whom you can explore big towns and rarely-heard town names with the small town name generator tool.

Random Town Name Generator: Examples

There are some fantasy towns like the dnd town names like Porskuhi, Ninegem, Mornyvyr, etc. Others are real-based towns across the world; the random town generator generates the latter type. Some examples are:

Town namesCountryPopulation (Approx)
Suphan BuriThailand26164
Carnaubeira da PhiraBrazil11782

Random Town Generator: Applications

The random town names that the tool generates have real-life significance. From working as an important knowledge source to quick checks for your next tour, the big or small town name generator will benefit you greatly.

Acquiring Knowledge

The world has turned into a global village. Keeping that in mind, it is essential to not only know about what's happening in the neighboring town but knowledge about international towns also counts.

The tool helps users to randomly have info about towns from different countries, or towns from specific chosen countries. So, it won't be wrong to say that the random town generator educates users both at the micro and macro scale.

Classroom Assignments, Quizzes, and Trivia

For students mainly the town randomizer tool is of great use. They can prepare for the upcoming quiz contest and develop general knowledge unexpectedly. Even teachers can organize regular classroom quizzes deriving town name information from the tool.

For example, a teacher can conduct quizzes or trivia on American towns by taking references from the American town name generator. In similar cases, the random town name generator is a fundamental platform serving all age groups.

Writing a Fictional Novel

Apart from the characters, a writer is also selective of the location of his or her upcoming novel. In a way, the right place inspires them to develop further plotlines. The tool can help them trace some of the rarest and most beautiful towns across the world. Based on the basic info like population size, country name, etc, the user can carry on secondary research about the selected place.

So, if you are a writer waiting for the right location for your long-awaited novel, use the random town generator and get exposed to aesthetic towns.

Picking Next Travel Destination

For all travel enthusiasts, the tool is a great opportunity to find out about notable towns from any country that you decide to visit. You can also note the population estimates, and facts like latitude and longitude and accordingly make up your mind about what's best for you before packing your bag.

Apart from temporary visits, if you are planning to settle somewhere else, the random town names the platform generates can help you with town ideas.

Other than the above reasons for using the random town generator, the tool is a great means of keeping you productively engaged in your free time.


  1. How does the random town generator work?

    The random town name generator works based on a randomized algorithm. Once you open the page and enter no. of towns to generate and apply a country filter, the tool will generate random town names from a vast database. You can also copy the town names for future reference.

  2. How many town names can I have in one go?

    Any user can generate a minimum of 1 and at max 10 town names in a single go. You can also apply a country-specific filter and then generate several towns each time.

  3. Can I have American town names with the tool?

    You can generate town names for any country across the globe as there's a specific country filter for that. To have American town names pick the United States from the country list or else opt for the random option to have random town names.


To end for now, the random town generator is a great tool serving the needs of multiple purposes. It can help students to complete their assignments or can also help you for planning the next tour. Whatever the case, the tool has a vast database and is convenient to use anytime and anywhere. Kill your boring time with many such tools from our site!.