Spin the Arrow Online — #1 Arrow Spinner Tool

Dive into a world of chance and choice with our arrow wheel. This Arrow Spinner tools is perfect for games, decision-making, or just for fun!

Know Your Turn with Spin the Arrow Online Tool

Looking for a fair chance in every peer game? The Spin the Arrow Online tool is a random compass that makes the decision quick and unbiased. The arrow spinning tool is an online device so works on every device.

Next time, your team is up for any project or facing crucial decisions of choosing the team leader, simply spin the arrow and test your fate. You can also use the randomizer in games like Truth and Dare, raffle, etc.

The arrow spinner rotates in a circular direction, so simply form a group and place the spinner in the middle of the group. Without any condition, let fate and the tool decide the next step.

Random Direction Arrow Rotates

The arrow spins following a circular path. So, there are many direction possibilities the tool can randomly rotate towards. Probably direction includes,

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • North East
  • North West
  • South East
  • South West

So, simply place the mobile in the center of your group and get ready for possible outcomes. But make sure that at least, your team includes 4-8 members, so that the spinner indicates the correct direction.

How the Arrow Spinner Works?

The arrow wheel is designed with a simple interface ensuring user convenience. Here's how to make the tool work-

Soon, the arrow will start spinning and the pointer will fix itself in a particular direction. Also, for instance, if the arrow indicates north more than once, then it's an unintentional and random outcome. You can keep on hitting the tab for different results every time.

When does the Random Tool Work?

There are many cases when the spinner tool can work and provide a fair chance to everyone. Here are a few likely ones-

  • In an office team with everyone of equal potential, the tool may help in picking the next team leader.
  • Arranging fun random games including truth and dare, raffle, etc.
  • Making decisions including planning the next trip, when everyone in your family has different preferences.

Spin the Arrow Online Relatable Games

Any game of chance must consist of a spinner tool. This arrow wheel will make sure that any decisions taken in the game are unbiased and have equal probability for every player. Some relatable team games using the spinner are:

Truth and Dare Game

The Truth and Dare game is one of the best random but fun games to play. Be it in your office free time or in front of a bonfire in the picnic location, you can play it anywhere. Simply form a group and place the random direction arrow in the middle. Go ahead, uncover the hidden secrets, and have fun tasks with your friend's group.

Flip the Coin/ Tossing

The spinner arrow can help in deciding who's turn is next for flipping the coin and taking the first step in any sport. The arrow pointing toward the person can have the privilege of deciding head and tail and, accordingly, can proceed with further games.


The raffle games are a way of raising money by selling the intended number of tickets. The winners of the game are picked randomly through the game of chance and depending on luck. So, in a lottery game using the spinner tool anyone in a group has an equal chance of winning.

But, remember that the spinner arrow can work best with small groups with max 8 persons sitting in particular directions. Using the Spin the Wheel online tool, you can come up with instant decisions or try the best of three for fair turns.


  1. Can I use the spinning wheel tool for free?

    The tool is completely free. Simply hit on the tab and get ready to decide on random turns in a group. No, only the spinning arrow, but all other tools on the site are free to use.

  2. How does the spinner arrow work?

    The spinner arrow is a group tool to check out who's turn is next. Form a circle and sit in different directions. Place the mobile at the center and tap on the arrow spinner tab. Soon, the tool will rotate and point towards a particular direction. So, the next turn is for the person to whom the arrow is pointing towards.

  3. Which games to play with the Spin the Arrow Online tool?

    You can play many random games using the tool. You can play the usual truth-and-dare, raffle, and can also come up with many interesting ones using the spinner.


Therefore, Spin the Arrow Online tool is one of the most instant and simple ways of deciding the next turn in a group. From arranging funky games to taking up decisions with fair chance for everyone, it's the perfect tool serving all. So, don't compromise with fun, and try out some other best tools with us!