WiFi Name Generator: 🎲 Roll for Random WiFi Names!

📡 Dive into a sea of cool and funny WiFi names! Our WiFi Name Generator helps you craft the perfect, unique name for your network.

Know about the WiFi Name Generator

Needless to say, we all use the internet. It is one of the most prominent requirements in day-to-day life. Technological advancement has made the lives of people easier. Now, we are using a wireless connection to connect the devices to the internet, that is a Wi-Fi connection.

Wherever you go, in trains, malls, hospitals, restaurants, or any other public utility, everyone facilitates free Wi-Fi services, and to use these services, you need to know the name of the Wi-Fi connection.

You can give a unique name or, as per the purposes, no matter what your requirement is, the random Wi-Fi name generator has the solution for your problem.

With the help of the generator, you will get unique WiFi name ideas. Some may be funny, some may be innovative, and some may be clever. So, why to waste the time thinking about a catchy name? Go ahead with the Wi-Fi name generator.

Finding the best name with our Network Name Generator

The tool is incredible. By following these steps, find the appropriate name, from the clever Wi-Fi names to the funny ones.

  • Step 1 - Go to the page - Wi-Fi Name Generator.
  • Step 2 - You will see the box. Enter the number of Wi-Fi names you want. You can choose from 1 to 10.
  • Step 3 - Choose the category in the following box. There are four categories - Random, Clever, Funny, and Cool.
  • Step 4 - Hit the Generate Wi-Fi Name tab, and you will get the result.

The database contains different names; you can customize yours by selecting the most appropriate one.

Types of Wi-Fi Names

The Wi-Fi Name Generator will provide you the following types of names:

Random WiFi Names

Random Wi-Fi names combine different names, like clever and funny ones, and you can modify them to suit your needs.


  • C is the loneliest number.
  • Titanic syncing
  • Cheeses take the wheel

Funny WiFi Names

You can use the funny Wi-Fi names for your home or any other personal purposes. Be innovative with the Wi-Fi names and try out the funny ones. Some examples are:

  • The LAN of the free
  • My Wi-Fi is always right
  • LAN Halen

Cool WiFi Names

Cool Wi-Fi names give a unique touch. Tell people how cool you are by choosing the cool names for your Wi-Fi. Check out some of the cool names.

  • Now you see me
  • Nothing but net
  • Go Go gadget internet

Clever WiFi Names

In the technological era, you don’t want to reveal anything sensitive and find the names that are tough to identify your identity, then go for the clever Wi-Fi names. Look out for these examples:

  • Who what when where Wi-Fi
  • Fourth Floor Wi-Fi
  • It’s a small world Wi-Fi internet.

Cases and uses of WiFi Name Generator

Wi-Fi is used everywhere, from home to office to traveling and everything in between. In what cases can you use the network name generator?

  • Home - We all use the Wi-Fi connection at home. Choose the name that is memorable yet creative.
  • Offices - For offices, you need some formal and professional ones. Why not customize or get the one that describes your business the best?
  • Restaurants and Pubs - At public places, choose the cool Wi-Fi names so that people enjoy the food and drink and your internet service.
  • Schools and other educational institutions - You can find exciting names for the schools and educational institutions.
  • Trains - You can get different varieties, from clever to cool names.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Wi-Fi Name Generator?

    It is the tool that helps you to find the unique Wi-Fi name for your internet connection. If you do not want to use your name or want something creative, go for it. You will find many exciting ideas that will suffice your requirements.

  2. Can I create a new Wi-Fi name?

    You can try this tool anytime. You can choose up to ten names in one go. If you did not find a suitable one, you are free to use it as many times, or you can change and modify these names according to your needs.

  3. How to use the network name generator?

    Open the page - Wi-Fi name generator. Enter the number of names you want to get. You can enter numbers from 1 to 10. Next, choose the category from random, clever, cool, and funny and click on the generate name tab.


The random Wi-Fi name generator is easy and free to use. As it has a user-friendly interface, you can use it anywhere and anytime. Gone are the days when people used the network by giving their names. Now, you can have more creative and eccentric ideas for your network.