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Explore our Witch Name Generator for fantasy male, female, evil, and witch doctor names. Dive into the mystical world of sorcery and find the perfect witchy name for your character or persona.

Craft Your Story with Witch Name Generator

You must have read many fantasy novels. Witches are often gray but main characters among such imaginary narratives. Given their supernatural power, sorceress names should justify their eerie energy. The Witch Name Generator presents good, evil, and superficial names that would explain their character.

Depending on your script or witchcraft ideas, you can generate both male and female witches' names. As if not enough, these names would align with their profession, for instance, the witch doctor names. Let's find out more about this tool below.

Who are Witches in Fantasy World?

You will find both male and female witches in almost all fantasy world narrations. Witches are mostly known as common figures practicing sorcery and casting magical spells. Interestingly, in most popular novels and movies, you will witness these sinful or good witches in different shapes and sizes. They have peculiar names and often give shady vibes.

The sorceress name generator reminds the user about the original witchcraft tradition by generating strong names. To the user's knowledge, the witches are also known as wizards in popular culture. So, you can also check out the wizard name generator tool, and learn more about them.

Random Witch Name Generator: Stepwise Guide

The sorceress name generator has some customization options that you can only unfold while using it. Here's a stepwise guide, for easy understanding.

  • Step 1. Open the Witch Name Generator page.
  • Step 2. Input the number of wizard initial and last names you wish to have. (at max you can generate 10 such names at a time).
  • Step 3. Pick the witch gender from the male, or female, or if unsure pick random.
  • Step 4. Click on the Generate Witch Name option.

Now you can have a series of fantasy sorceress names below. While some are only the initial nicknames, others are full witch names (including middle and surname) presented by the tool.

Benefits of the Sorceress Name Generator

If you are in the imaginary world and thinking about creating a powerful witch character to be remembered for a long time, you need this tool. For sorceresses with magic prowess, their names should be influential and relatable. Here's why you need the randomizer tool.

  • The random witches name generator is a free tool to use.
  • You can have names for mages of both genders.
  • The tool has a vast database and accordingly has witches' names from various categories. Like, you can have good, evil, doctor witch names, funny witches monikers, and more.
  • Even at a single generate tab, you can have ten random names to pick from.
  • These names are mostly not referred to earlier, so you can use them freely.

Popular Witches from Books/ Novels

There are many widely read and heard children's short stories, popular novels, and fantasies, where witches are no less than the main character. Here are some notable witch-based fiction works-

  • The Bone Witch: one of the best science fiction books by Rin Chupeco, it tries to capture the dark side of the witches. Moreover, it's a family-based witchcraft story where the protagonist Tea is trying to control her extraordinary powers.
  • The Witches: Those who are trying to take a break from a typical fairy story where witches used to ride a broom, should read it. Written by Roald Dahl, the book talks about real-life witches who walk in disguise in the daylight among many others.
  • The Worst Witch: The Story by Jill Murphy is about a quirky and clumsy witch named Mildred Hubble. It's her journey of constant trial for witchcraft and ultimately exploring the world of typical witches.

That's not the end. There are many feminist witches in the fiction world. You can find many names, similar to witches like Circe, and Marie Laveay from Voodoo Queen using the tool.

Types of Witches and their Names

Often we try to relate witches either with good or bad, but in reality, they are just practicing their traditional spells. Witches and their names can be classified accordingly-

By Gender

An arcade or a sorceress can easily be distinguished based on their gender. That is, you will find both male and female witches. Even the witch last names generator has an option for the user to pick a gender based on which names are revealed.

For example, you will find prominent male witch names like Ryder Ravenclaw, Gadar Spellweaver, etc. Also, female arcade names including Serena Rathmore, and Morona Moonshade, are there.

By Profession

Often witches are stereotyped as merely professional spellcasters or who do only witchcraft. But today's novels and fictional movies often engage the witches in the mainstream profession. So, the tool tried to stay updated and share witch doctor names, police witch names, teacher arcade monikers, etc. For instance, there are names like Kennedy, Dylan Black, Glen, etc.

By Witch's Character

Unlike the common assumptions, witches can be both bad and good. So, it depends on your plot and how you like to frame the witch character. For stories featuring wizards with dark characters and wicked personalities, the tool has names like Irresistible, Your Highness, Barrett Jinx, etc.

For fair soul witches, who may surprisingly turn the story for good, the witch last names generator have positive names. For example, Sunshine, Angle Princess, Red Rose, etc.

Funny Witches

Witches have supernatural powers, so they also come in various shapes and sizes. They may add humor to an otherwise straight plot. Funny witches are most popular in kids' tales. Some witty names of the sorceress are Hubby Nubby, Hunny Bunny, JellyBear, Big Daddy, etc.

Given these varieties, you can craft your favorite witch character differently. Accordingly, the tool will give you enough choices to pick and have matching names.


  1. Are there witches in real life?

    Witches are common in the fictional world. Especially for science fiction and fantasy stories, the presence of a powerful sorceress is customary. To feel their supernatural power, witches should also have influential names. The tool will help you come up with relatable witch names.

  2. What type of witch names can I generate using the tool?

    The users can generate witch names of both genders. Other than that, the random results generated are funny, professional, nerdy, good, and evil names.

  3. Can the witch name generator also show the last names?

    The witch names generating tool randomly shows the results. So, the witch's name generated can be a simple moniker, full name, or only their last name. It can be as simple as names like Ada to long names like Henrietta Heartstrong. You have to use the tool, to unleash this variety of names.


For a writer, all details like deciding the right names make a difference. The witch name generator understands the crafter's instinct and tries not to disappoint the creative minds. You can have different types of witch names using the tool. Other than the typical powerful evil witch names, the randomizer unexpectedly surprises with funny names too. So, stay updated for more such astonishing tools!