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Have a Time Traveling Experience with the Medieval Name Generator!

What's in the name? They say! But for historic writers and fiction artists deciding names matters a lot. The Medieval Name Generator is one such tool that randomly assigns names inspired by medieval times.

Deciding on names sometimes can be an arduous task especially when you are involved in historical or fantasy writings. But with the tool, users can get Renaissance and European-based medieval names, which would be a perfect match for your imaginative works.

Also, the random medical name generator is more than what users can think of. It also defines every medieval name and thereby leaves it to you to decide the beauty of the names. Learn in detail about the tool below.

What is Meant By Medieval Times?

It's hard to exactly trace the medieval years. However, historians have examined and presented the medieval era with the collapse of the Roman empire till the Renaissance period. So, we can demarcate the period between the 5th and 15th century AD for medieval times.

One of the biggest historical trends of the medieval period is the dominance of the church and state relationship. The rise of divine European culture also influences individual names. Therefore, the medieval names are more oriented to biblical or religious-centric names. Like, John, Adam, etc. Another notable trend is that most names often are after the great Roman Emperors. Like Caesar, Agustus, Cyrus, etc.

How the Medieval Name Generator Works?

If you have used our other name tools for instance the Random Japanese Name Generator you will be aware of using this tool too. You simply have to follow a step-by-step process while generating results from the medieval name generator. Here's how:

  • Step 1 : Open the Medieval Name Generator page.
  • Step 2 : Enter the no. Of medieval names or surnames you wish to generate. (maximum 10 names)
  • Step 3 : Next, select the gender (male/ female). If not sure, go with the random choice and have unisex names.
  • Step 4 : Hit on the Generate Medieval Name tab.

Now, within seconds you get random fantasy medieval name results. For a better understanding of the importance of each name, the tool defines the names. You should know the essence of the name and accordingly apply it for future reference.

How Names Were Given in Medieval Times?

There are many fascinating stories about how medieval names and surnames were decided.

  • More or less by the late ninth century, every Christian man and woman shared the same six names. So, out of every ten medieval women, there are higher chances that you would find common names like Christine, Ebner, Or Pizan.
  • Often Medieval people are called with their first name only. So, surnames were casually attached to the locality and geographical landscapes. For Example, common names like John, Eden, etc were given, and if he lives in the hilly region then John Hills.
  • People were often named after legendary emperors or saints. For example, names like Julius, Agustine, and Xavier, were often used.
  • Lastly, names were given after their ancestors or godparents. Family medieval names are often repeated in generations. Like, James I, James II, James III, etc.

The random medieval name generator takes into consideration all those trends in the medieval era and accordingly presents realistic results.

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Random Medieval Names: Examples

Below we will present some of the random names and their meaning that the medieval name generator presents.

Medieval Male NamesMeaning
GabrielOriginally an Arabic name, which means in Hebrew, God is my strength.
RolandIt's a German name which means being famous throughout the land.
HawkThe classic English name refers to the Falcon bird of prey.
FinnianThe name is derived from the Irish language which means Fair and White.
TitanIdeally derived from the Italian word Tyciano and the Latin word Titianus. In simple English, it means defender.
FrancisCame from the Latin term Franciscus or Francis which means Frenchman.
OttoThe name has its source in the German language, which means Prosperity and wealth.
CassianThe Latin name Cassian means vain or Hollow.
BenedictBenedict is a Latin name that means well-spoken or someone who is blessed.
SeverinDerived from the Latin term Severe also means strict or serious by nature.

Medieval Female NamesMeaning
SifThe name Sif has its origin in Norse mythology; she is the mistress of the god of thunder, Thor. It also means Prosperity and Bride.
ColetteIt has its origin in the French and also refers to People of Victory.
OliveThe name has Latin roots which means Serenity, Fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity.
FloraThe name has a Latin meaning which means flower.
UlfhildUlfhild is a popular Viking name which means battle or Wolf.
ReginaThe name has Latin roots, which implies empress or queen.
HonoraThe feminine name has Latin and Italian origin. It means Women with honor.
HildegundThe German woman's name Hildegund refers to a Battle or War.
ZaraThere are multiple connotations and sources of the name Zara. In Arabic, it means White, in Hebrew it refers to a lady and in Swahili it means flowers.
ColetteThe French name means People of Victory.

Uses of Medieval Name Generator

There are multiple uses of the fantasy-based random medieval name generator. Some usual cases, where the tool may rightly serve you are -

  • If you are interested in onomatology. In simple words, if you are interested in the study of names, then beginning your primary research about medieval names will be a great idea. The tool helps users with proper medieval-era names and their adjacent meanings.
  • Those who write historical novels, poems, or fiction poems, will have great help with the tool. You can generate both male and female fantasy names using the random name generator.
  • For role-playing games or while preparing medieval-era short skits, the tool will be quite decisive in coming up with accurate names.

Moreover, the all-in-one medieval Name Generator is a great tool to explore unusual names and have a glimpse of the medieval era. Those interested in history and literature will genuinely find the tool intriguing.


  1. How helpful is the medieval name generator tool?

    The random medieval name generator is a simple and helpful tool for fiction story writers, or those preparing historical skits and performances. For them, the tool will help in instantly coming up with accurate names that will fit the character's personalities.

  2. Can I have Medieval period female names with the tool?

    The random medieval name generator asks the users to pick a specific gender for generating names. You can pick either male or female from the option or can also stick with the random option for having medieval names.

  3. Can I know the meaning of the medieval names generated?

    The tool along with generating medieval times names also shares with the user the adjacent meaning and origin of the name. In this way, the medieval name generator becomes a holistic and informative tool for the users.


To sum up! Those who like to collect knowledge about medieval times will find the medieval name generator a fascinating tool. The platform not only instantly comes up with medieval names as a result but also informs the users about the origin and meaning of the shared names.

So, next time you are preparing a fantasy novel or script don't hesitate and instead, get used to the incredible tool. Expand your inquisitive mind with more such tools from our site!