Vampire Name Generator – 1000's of Fantasy Names

Looking for the perfect vampire name? Delve into our vampire name generator for first, last, and nicknames that carry the weight of immortal fantasy.

Explore Fantasy DnD Vampire Names 

Want to know some vampire dark names? Feel the trend, by using the random vampire name generator tool. The names for vampires the tool generates are free and never miss the fantasy essence. You can have male and female vampire names that ideally will suit your fictional scripts. 

You can very smoothly sort out the vampire nicknames using the tool. Moreover, the generator has a vast database, so, there are no chances of having the same vampire monikers every time. 

Who are Vampires? 

If you are wondering if vampires are humans too? All vampires were once humans. In fictional stories, these vampires are undead creatures that survive by taking human blood. They have been part of European folk tales for a long time, and their names are also evolving with time. 

Unlike Victorian-age vampire names like Louis, Drusila, Ambrace, or Horace, in modern times you can find short Vampire monikers including Ciara, Ed, Clark, etc. Expect such a cool vampire first and last name for your long-awaited character from this tool. 

Stepwise Guide for Vampire Name Generator 

If you have already used other randomizers, like the witch name generator, for example, then it's easier for you to operate this tool too. Here's a stepwise guide to using the randomizer tool. 

  • Step 1. Navigate to the Vampire Name Generator page. 
  • Step 2. Decide on the vampire gender, either male or female. 
  • Step 3. Enter the number of names of vampires you wish to have. ( It would show 5 by default) 
  • Step 4. Tap on the Generate Vampire Name tab. 

Accordingly, you will get a list of dark or cool vampire fantasy-based names. Note it down for future reference for your fiction script. 

Types of Vampire Names 

Even Vampires have variations and are a hybrid form of humans and different creatures. So, based on the different categories of vampires, you can pick the right nicknames. Some types include- 

Based on Gender 

Vampires can be both male as well as female. While some names for vampires are unisexual, if you want character-driven specific names then trust this tool. Some of the vampire male names include Claus, Adam, Rick, Damon, etc. Other female names are Kristina, Isabella, Harmoine, etc. 

Based on Physical Features 

Many vampires are not only a hybrid of dead and humans but with more powers. Some vampires resemble animalistic traits and appearance. These vampires also have characteristics of creatures like bats for example. These hybrid vampires deserve powerful names including Ambroise, Dracula, Noire, Magnus, etc. 

Based on the Time Frame 

Given these vampires are fantasy characters, their power, characteristics, and descriptions in popular culture are evolving with time. So, their names should also be updated with time. For instance, the names of vampires in Victorian times are not the same as in the present time. Based on your fiction story design you can have Victorian-era names like Claus, Abraham, Adams, etc, or modern names like Ed, Rose, etc. 

Based on Traits 

Not every writer wants their protagonist vampire to be seen in a negative light. You can generate vampire monikers that have gray characters, a sense of humor, or cold types. So, decide the ideal names for vampires based on what your story or plot demands. 

Popular Vampire Games 

Not only in vampire stories but there are many vampire-related virtual and role-playing games being widely played nowadays. Some of them are- 

  • Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) 

The role of vampires has been evident from the first edition of Dungeon and Dragons itself in 1977. In the role-playing game, vampires are portrayed as evil with powerful negative energies draining from the victims. In recent editions, vampires can change the monstrous alignment. The name randomizer can generate more and more such powerful vampire names. 

  • Bloody Hell Hotel 

A fictional setup game where the player has to play as Vampires. It is a hotel management simulation game, where as a vampire you have awakened after centuries to find out at the old estate. It's a purposeful game, where you have decided to turn the ruined estate into the hotel.

  • Vampire Survivors 

It's a 30-minute approx game where dodging monsters are trying their best to survive. It's the overall setup and game environment that share a common error and suspicious vibe. The game for the first time released on October 2022, for the Windows version. 

  • V Rising 

The 2022 released Windows game is also a survival game. The players in this game are turned into vampires who are thirsty for human blood. So, the game is all about hunting the nearby settlements to survive. As vampires, the players get the chance to form allies and conquer the living land. 

Applications of Random Vampire Names Generator 

Here are some of the possible uses of the naming tool. Moreover, it's a free tool, so it's ideal for similar cases below- 

For Fiction Writing 

If you are interested in composing fantasy, thriller, or horror genre stories having protagonist or antagonist vampire characters then you will need powerful names for them too. The tool shares with you such effective vampire names, that will stand true with his or her description. 

In Games 

Many games including the famous DND and other virtual games have vampires as their main characters. You would be asked to name them. So, at that time you may require influential vampire nicknames. This tool will help you decide their names, so you can unlock the excitement as soon as possible 

Besides, you will get both male and female names for your vampire character. So, that's something unique about this amazing tool. 


How many random names related to vampires you can have at a time? 

By default, the tool gets you five male and female vampire monikers. But you can customize the option and can have as many as 10 names at a time. 

Can I have Dnd Vampire character names with the randomizer? 

There are dark and evil vampire characters in the famous DND game. Through this tool, you can get many such names resembling vampire characters. 

Can I have names for vampires using the tool? 

The tool helps you in getting multiple names for vampires. You only have to open the page and type in the number of names you wish to have. After that, decide the male or female gender. Finally hit on the Generate tab to have a list of vampire-related names. 


Thus, the Vampire name generator is an incredible tool for all fiction lovers. You can generate unlimited dark, eerie, funny, male and female names from this tool. All those who are passionate about Vampire games and stories, should not miss out on checking out these cool vampire first and last names. Check out similar tools from our site!